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Phillip Wells

Hello! My name is Phillip Wells and I’m originally from Columbia, South Carolina, and I currently live in Miami, FL. My desire to enter mental health was due in large part to the mentors that I had in my life. From high school, through college, and even now, I’ve had a stream of black male figures that have provided me with the guidance & confidence to find my calling and to pursue it without fear.


I would later move down to Miami to pursue my dreams of working as a school counselor and becoming a voice in my community! I later decided to level up and create my own brand in order to chase my ultimate dream which is financial independence. I had my struggles with confidence and often doubted my abilities despite the three degrees & two licenses that I own! Fed up with uncertainty, I decided to speak with a life coach and other therapists before gaining the confidence and the resources necessary to take my career to the next level.


Last, I believe mental health is something that affects all of us and is a conversation that is long overdue! In order to start that conversation, I will end this conversation with saying “I’m a therapist who’s been to therapy”!  


-Therapist (Registered Mental Health Intern)
-Life Coach
-School Counselor

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