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Jameelah Trimble

Jameelah Trimble, LCSW,  is a Miami native and honors graduate of Barry University with a Masters in Social Work. She practices as a Hospice Social Worker and Outpatient Therapist. Naturally empathetic, her passion to serve others started at an early age. She has been known as the most caring and trustworthy friend.

While studying for an undergraduate degree and playing college basketball for both the University of Florida and University of South Florida, Jameelah was introduced to motivational speakers, sports psychologists and therapists. Being a supreme competitor, sessions with therapists were important for her athletic growth. Oftentimes, she would experience anxiety before games wanting to outperform her competitors.  It was through skills learned in sessions that she was able to perform under pressure and surpass mental blocks before games. There were times Jameelah believed she was unable to relate to some of her therapists/motivational speakers. Sitting through countless team and individual sessions with these professionals sparked a vision of working with people in a similar capacity.

Jameelah has worked in Social Services assisting clients with criminal, psychosocial, and economical needs. She has always wanted to know the reasons why things have occurred while working with others experiencing personal crises. Watching the mental illness experienced by close acquaintances and friends became a major deciding factor in studying Clinical Social Work. It was then that Jameelah found her purpose.

Working in the field has not been arduous but, rather, a way to live out her dream to serve others. Helping clients through life’s challenges and experiences has been gratifying. Jameelah looks to provide clients with warm and welcoming environments, where they are free to express themselves and are able to relate to their therapist. Additionally, Jameelah looks to provide athletes with tools to help them succeed, meet personal goals, and surpass mental block to outperform at their competitors.

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