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The link between mortality and depression

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

A meta-analysis was performed of studies from 35 different countries regarding the link between mortality and depression. Each of these studies included in the analysis were carefully chosen as to ensure accurate results.

Researchers found that “generic factors associated with the biology of depression—not disease-specific factors—are responsible for the higher death risk”. What this means is that the impact of one’s lifestyle factors affected an individual’s health more than disease specific ones. Even such diseases as cancer did not indicate as greater risk than a healthier individual that was singularly affected by depression.

These generic factors and higher death risks are positively correlated. As the value of one rises, the other follows suite.  If depression can have such an effect, then it’s absolutely essential to treat mental health as a vital component of a person’s well-being.

Mental health is of importance to us all.  It is not limited to a person, family, or even a single country. Through studies such as this we see the impact mental health disorders have across the globe. Hopefully, through continued studies such as this we will understand the complexity of mental health disorders and how we can actively participate in our mental health well-being.

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